Be Inspired. Learn. Grow.

The time is NOW to wake up to your individual or organizational capacity.

We believe that you are doing the best you can with what you know. If you knew better, you’d do better. So we partner with you to help you wake up to what is and what isn’t working to get where you want to go.

With new awareness, you have new choices and can then move into what we call Artful Action, which takes you to new levels of engagement by focusing on your organizational and individual strengths.

When those two categories--Awareness and Artful Action--are combined, the result is a Transformed Culture. Transformation happens over TIME, not overNIGHT.

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The Blog

That Nasty Little 4-Letter F Word

The word to which I refer this time is FEAR. Fear. What an interesting concept. You can't touch it or smell it or taste it. Yet it's running most of our lives and producing many of our results without our even knowing it. Think for a minute about anything you've ever had a notion to do, be, or have. How many of those desires came true? Determine the distinction between those that did, and those that didn't. What's the difference? I'll … [Read More]

Being or Doing?

Action defeats procrastination. That's pretty difficult to dispute. However, busyness is not the same as productivity. So therein lies the dilemma. To do or to be? If the busyness we find ourselves captivated by prevents time for reflection, then it becomes reactionary instead of responsible. And it's unlikely that very many of us have the opportunity to spend our entire days in solitude and meditation. Too much of any one thing keeps us … [Read More]