Be Inspired. Learn. Grow.

The time is NOW to wake up to your individual or organizational capacity.

We believe that you are doing the best you can with what you know. If you knew better, you’d do better. So we partner with you to help you wake up to what is and what isn’t working to get where you want to go.

With new awareness, you have new choices and can then move into what we call Artful Action, which takes you to new levels of engagement by focusing on your organizational and individual strengths.

When those two categories--Awareness and Artful Action--are combined, the result is a Transformed Culture. Transformation happens over TIME, not overNIGHT.

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The Blog

Transferring the Vision

Have you ever experienced or heard about something really exciting that you want to share with someone else and you want them to be as excited about it as you are? And then you get disappointed when they just don't get it like you want them to? Yeah, me either. What is it about someone else's excitement that has a kind of all-or-nothing way to either totally engage someone else or turn them off completely? It's one thing to have a vision … [Read More]

Are YOU a Badass?

When I first heard that word (badass) in the title of Jen Sincero's first book You Are A Badass, it stirred many varied feelings in me. I'm sure there are probably as many contexts for the word "badass" as for any other word, but when I heard it, it took me back to my very-much-younger years when I wanted desperately to be a rule-breaker, but just couldn't bring myself to become it. Here's what says (I LOVE … [Read More]