Are YOU a Badass?

When I first heard that word (badass) in the title of Jen Sincero’s first book You Are A Badass, it stirred many varied feelings in me.

I’m sure there are probably as many contexts for the word “badass” as for any other word, but when I heard it, it took me back to my very-much-younger years when I wanted desperately to be a rule-breaker, but just couldn’t bring myself to become it.

Here’s what says (I LOVE THIS):

Unspoken Rules of Being Badass:
1. First rule of being a badass. A badass does not talk about being a badass. Period.
2. Second rule of being a badass, a badass does not try to be a badass or look tough. A badass simply is a badass.
3. A badass stays true to themselves, always. This means being themselves for themselves, and not being fake to impress others.
4. A badass does not give up. Badasses will always push themselves for the better, no matter how hard it gets.
5. A badass is not a jerk. A badass does not prey on the weak, and shows kindness in return to those who are kind.
6. A badass knows his/her limits. Don’t be stupid, you’re not Superman, you’ll die if you jump off a building.
7. A badass does not make enemies or go looking for fights. They do not fight fights that aren’t worth fighting either.

Any breaking of these rules is grounds revoking of the status of being a badass. If this happens, a badass must once again prove they are worthy of being badass by following the rules. A badass can only be determined by the opinions of others.

You see, I was raised by a mother who was a perfect rule follower. Never, ever did I see her do anything that might be considered pushing any envelope of any kind. I remember one time she had a sip of wine (that was outside the context of communion at church) and immediately decided it made her tipsy. And that was that. Never did I hear a swear word come out of her mouth. She got visibly (and verbally) upset if my sister or I even uttered the words “Shut up.”

Oh I wanted to be a badass, or what I believe I thought a badass was back then. I wanted to ride in fast cars and do the things that normal teens do (which might have been pushing the rules a bit). But I didn’t. To this day if there is a sign that says “no turn on red,” even if there are no cars coming, I won’t turn on red, dangit.

A badass is a kickass person who is out of struggle and living large and on purpose so she can be an inspiration to others who want to rise up, too.

When I read Jen’s first book, it was like the switch was flipped inside of my rule-following self.

On page 11 she says:

“Deep down I KNEW I was a total rock star, that I had the power to give and receive and love with the best of ’em, that I could leap tall building in a single bound and could create anything I put my mind to ….”

And, like Jen, I tended to get stuck in what she calls low-level minutiae, and wondering where the time went I had devoted, in my mind, to living into my greatness.

I’ve had my moments of badassery. I’ve done things and been places and met people that high school version of me never would have believed possible. But for the most part I’ve flown under the radar – doing just enough work to make a positive difference, but not enough to attract any negative attention, which would have sent my rule-following self backwards into a downward spiral those old programs that told me “you’re not good enough” and “they won’t let you” dictated.

So … fast forward to a few months ago (yes, I know … I was a good faker) when I decided to make my 66-Day Challenge the answer to the statement “I am a badass.” Talk about a powerful “I am” statement! When you change the way you look at things, so said Wayne Dyer, the things you look at change. And that renewed perspective is definitely unleashing all the buried and dormant badassery that has been there all the time, just waiting to be, well, unleashed.

In light of the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, it’s becoming abundantly clear that the world needs tons of enlightened millionaires to be able to start this train a-comin’. In the words of the Queen of Badassery, Jen says “We need smart people with huge hearts and creative minds to manifest all the wealth, resources, and support they need to make their difference in the world.”

And, it’s time to call forth that badassery in a big way. So … are you ready to join my good friend Lindsay Joy and me as we lead you through a six-week study of Jen’s next book, You Are A Badass At Making Money?

We’re starting with 12 people in a virtual mastermind study beginning on Tuesday, September 19 at noon central. The first 5 people to register get a book sent to them, but you’ll need to do that this week. Don’t wait. Step into your badassery and start making some serious cash so you can change the world for the better, starting with you.

Here’s the link to register: Who’s in?

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