Transferring the Vision

Have you ever experienced or heard about something really exciting that you want to share with someone else and you want them to be as excited about it as you are? And then you get disappointed when they just don’t get it like you want them to? Yeah, me either. What is it about someone […]

Are YOU a Badass?

When I first heard that word (badass) in the title of Jen Sincero’s first book You Are A Badass, it stirred many varied feelings in me. I’m sure there are probably as many contexts for the word “badass” as for any other word, but when I heard it, it took me back to my very-much-younger […]

Love Needs to Win

I haven’t written a blog post in a long time. My daily Facebook messages have filled that need to write, for the most part. But today, I need to say something. I’ve done my best to remain neutral. To see the positive and the good in every single situation. I believe in allowing everyone to […]

What is the “RIGHT” Thing To Do?

Right now is a very interesting time to be alive in the world. The key word in that previous sentence is the word “alive.” Perhaps it would have been more accurate to say “awake.” Right now is a very interesting time to be awake in the world. Many – it’s not too dramatic to say […]

Connect, Then Correct

  I am blessed to be in a business partnership with someone I know, like, trust, and respect. When a true connection is made, then magical outcomes can come as a result. But if you don’t have that true, mutually respectful connection, it’s pretty difficult to move forward. Being honest and truthful seems to have […]

A Fine Mess

Many years ago there was a comedy duo called Laurel and Hardy who, through various pratfalls and slapstick routines, found themselves in all kinds of trouble. It was inevitable that at some point in every episode, Laurel would have an idea which Hardy would reluctantly agree to, which would always result in Hardy uttering the […]

Get It? Got It? Good!

More than anything else, we humans just want to be gotten. We call that “getting” being heard, being accepted, being loved. But really it’s just that someone else really gets us. How do you “get” someone else? It does come down to being heard, being accepted and yes, even being loved. But it’s not some […]