Bock’s Office Transformational Consulting

It’s one thing to learn about success; it’s another thing to actually experience it.

Jodee Bock founded Bock’s Office to work with people–individuals and organizations–who are committed to experiencing success in all aspects of their lives.

We typically work with clients in one of four capacities: keynote speeches, learning events, coaching engagements, and longer-term consulting relationships.

Our Process

Regardless of the scope or the setting, we are very conscious of working through a three-step process with each client:

Learning events highlighting improvement in communication, leadership, thinking processes, attitude and/or creativity.

Individual or small-group coaching, development of action plans to improve performance, participation, creative thinking, and leadership ability.

Continued coaching to deal with the changes inherent in a “newly aware” organization, focusing on upper managers and leaders. Development and delivery of programs to ensure the momentum continues.

We specialize in the areas of effective communication, leadership development, personal accountability, team dynamics, supervisory skills, group facilitation, and change management.

Our team of experts includes people dedicated to their own self-development so that they can offer their skills authentically.

If you are interested in building a culturally relevant, action-oriented strategy to achieve your organization’s purpose, vision and goals, we will be your guide. Ready to get started? Request your FREE Consultation today.