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Own Your Story: Goals to Glory

Own Your Story: Goals to Glory

by Jodee Bock

Consider taking yourself out of your own story as you read the thoughts in this book. If you can observe yourself from a different vantage point and allow the ideas you read to give you a new perspective, you may find that you are pursuing goals from a place of inspiration instead of from an external motivation. We all need a bit of each, but if you are always doing your life instead of really living and being in it, you will be an observer instead of a true participant. Allow your goals to bring you to the place of true inner glory and you will really get that wherever you are is exactly where you are supposed to be. Read More + Buy the Book

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Own  Your Story: The Invitation

Own Your Story: The Invitation

by Jodee Bock

Have you ever considered the language of an invitation you receive to a wedding or formal event? Traditionally those invitations will request the honor of your presence and often, if you think hard about it, your presence would be the best present you could give.

How do you typically show up to events in your own life? Do you consider the possibility that each day is a brand new present, wrapped up especially for you by the greatest, grandest you you could possibly become? Would that change the story you tell about yourself and your life? Read More + Buy the Book

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The 100 Percent Factor

The 100% Factor: Living Your Capacity

by Jodee Bock

Whatever your role within an organization, “The 100 Percent Factor” will give you fresh perspectives on ordinary concepts and ideas to help create a new attitude about the world of work, and the world outside of work. By supporting employees in bringing 100 percent of themselves to work, employers can expect at least 100 percent return on their investment. By examining and then producing their own 100 percent with each task or project, employees will step into their personal responsibility. This book guarantees no answers, but provides stories, analogies, and new perspectives – and new questions – that will inspire the reader to action in making a difference both inside and outside the workplace. Read More + Buy the Book

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Inviting Dialogue

Inviting Dialogue: Inspiring Stories About the Power of the Master Mind

by Jodee Bock and Brenda Levos

The theory of the Master Mind Principle is interesting enough; but when this principle is actually put into action and produces new results, that is when people really start to take notice. Insight and new ideas are one thing; actual results are another.

This book highlights some of the success stories members of the various Master Mind groups in Fargo, North Dakota and Moorhead, Minnesota have experienced directly related to their participation in at least one Think and Grow Rich Master Mind study group. Read More + Buy the Book

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Don't Miss Your Boat

Don’t Miss Your Boat: Living Your Life with Purpose in the Real World

by Maryanna Young and Kim Fletcher featuring Jodee Bock

Don t Miss Your Boat: Living Your Life with Purpose in the Real World is a collection of true stories that will allow the reader to reflect on the value, purpose, and significance of their own life. It s one thing to talk about living purposefully and another to actually do it. This book contains real life accounts of individuals that have chosen to create amazing turnarounds, turn grief into greatness, and shift possibilities into opportunities. Read More + Buy the Book