Clients + Praise

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Jason StadtherJodee has the unique ability to help people through their limiting beliefs by providing a fresh yet wise perspective on a situation. She has a leadership quality that provides an open door for those seeking wisdom. She has a burning desire to bring out the best in people. This skill set is a rare gift that is invaluable for any organization looking to bring out the best in the group. I believe Jodee has so much wisdom because her learning never ceases. She is in a constant state of growth. She is on the front lines seeking and growing to look for new perspectives to enhance the lives around. My belief is this will never stop for her.”

Dr. Jason Stadther, DC

Diane DonnellyEvery now and then, if you’re lucky, you get the rare opportunity to learn from an instructor who really, truly believes in what she teaches. Jodee is one of these special instructors. After teaching to a “sold out” group of top producing agents, lives and hearts were changed. Not only was the information found in The Six Personal Perspectives powerful but the delivery and articulation of the information is what people continue to talk about. The Six Personal Perspectives are printed and hung up in my office where my team and I continue to encourage one another to reach higher levels of success. Thank you Jodee, for sharing your time and talents with us and we look forward to an annual class with you!”

Diane Donnelly
Team Leader – Millersville, MD

Kelly PrattI am so grateful for our Wednesday Master Mind group. I have been on a wonderful spiritual and personal path that started when you suggested I watch THE SECRET in June of ‘06. And now, with the support of our Master Mind group, I’m making gigantic strides! Thank you for bringing this amazing book and concept to Fargo and into my life!”

Kelly Pratt, Creative Catalyst

Jodi BuchholzGetting involved with our Master Mind group and reading Think and Grow Rich, made me truly understand that we all are born leaders. However, my Master Mind group and Think and Grow Rich helped me dig deep enough to find that leader from within. It proves that being surrounded with like-minded people and setting goals that we live to achieve can only set the stage for success!”

Jodi Buchholz

Mark RheaultAs a CEO of a high-growth software company, the master mind experience encouraged me to think bigger and more boldly in terms of goal setting for my company. Story examples such as ‘What I would do with a million dollars’ and ‘Three feet from gold’ continue to remind me to think out of the box for solutions and tenaciously strive towards goals until they have been achieved. Though I was admittedly a bit cynical at the beginning of the master mind sessions, I was certainly a believer by the end.”

Mark Rheault, CEO + President,
Infinite Leap