Keynotes + Breakout Sessions

Jodee Bock, principal and founder of Bock’s Office Transformational Consulting, provides keynote addresses and conference breakout sessions on the topics of change, effective communication, leadership, and accountability. In addition, Jodee also facilitates meetings where she will help set the stage for your upcoming event or gathering.

Presentation Topics Include:

  • Putting Your Personal POWER to Work For You
  • It Takes Courage to be Creative
  • Keep the Change, I Want Results
  • The 100% Factor: Ideas for Living Your Capacity
  • Think and Grow _______* (*Rich, Healthy, Successful, etc.)
  • Getting Beyond the Fear Factor
  • Choosing Your Legacy: Ideas About Leadership + Mentorship
  • What’s Your WHY?
  • Making the Leap to a Brand New Future
  • Invoking Disruption: Saying What Needs to Be Said Without Burning Up or Burning Out
  • Perception or Perspective: You Get to Choose

    To book Jodee to speak at your next event, contact her by email or call her at 701-730-1827.