You are the boss of you

2 percent mindset

And I am the boss of me.

But I am not the boss of you.

How is it that every little kid in the world has, at some time in his or her little life, uttered the words


Where does that thought even reside in the collective consciousness of our 5-year-old selves?

It probably still occurs to us as adults, once in a while, when we hear someone else tell us what we “should” do or lets us know in no uncertain terms, what needs to get done right now (homework, dishes, jury duty, TPS Reports, etc.).

True. I’m not the boss of anyone, even if I, technically, am the boss.

How does it work to “make” someone else do something? You  may get a short-term result, but you’re sure not forging a relationship.

So while you can’t make someone else change, you are the boss of you. And I am the boss of me.

What that means is that if I want something other than what I currently have, the only way that will ever create a long-term effect is if I am inspired to take new action.

And there, my friends, is the rub.

Looking at the big picture of us as a human species, we don’t seem to be very inspired to take the action that, over time, will produce different results. This graphic shows that only 2% of us choose to live outside our comfort zones and live the lives we have every opportunity to live.

2 percent mindset

For some reason, many of us seem to be stuck in our reasonable lives – we have reasons for everything we do or don’t do – and our destinies are left to someone or something outside ourselves.

While we rant and rave about how “you’re not the boss of me,” we’re left directionless because it seems the only boss who can control us has decided to take a permanent coffee break. Instead of growing out of our comfort zones, we fight tooth and nail to stay in our limited existence and then complain because that comfort zone doesn’t produce what we see the 2% – the “bosses” get to have, do and be.

It’s time to wake up and smell that proverbial coffee. If you’re not the boss of me, and you’re not the boss of you, is it any wonder that you’re in the situation you’re in?

Wake up, take charge, and really live your life.

Like a Boss.


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